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Short Term Storage

Today, many of us have to move back home with our parents for a short period of time to get back on our feet.  What do we do, though, with all of the belongings we have accumulated?  A short-term storage situation is a great solution.  At Cross State Movers we have a variety of storage solutions from spaces that will suit a small studio apartment to spaces large enough to fit a 3 bedroom home.

If you just can't bear to pack up your memories, Cross State Movers will do it for you.  Our individualized Certified Moving Consultants have over ten years experience packing, storing and moving and they can help you.  They will ensure that your items are safe inside the temperature-controlled storage facility that is mmonitored 24-hours per day.

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Short Term Storage

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Elizabeth Jackson - Los Angeles, CA

In October I moved my family from California to Washington, DC. Considering that the move was cross-country, I was already anticipating a stress filled month. To my surprise, I hardly even put any time into the moving part itself. The guys from Cross State packed up my 5 Bedroom home and delivered my stuff all in one piece to DC. I've moved before and it was never this easy. I'm glad I chose this company for my move. Thanks guys!