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At Cross State Movers, we recognize that some of the most difficult moves can be just right down the street.  We are ready to help you relieve your stress with our trained, expert and professional movers.  We will complete your move quickly, safely and damage free and your personal items will be moved to your new location with the utmost care. 

We know how important your belongings are to you, so we develop an individualized moving experience for each of our clients. 

Moving into storageWe offer great rates for your local moves as well as the following services:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of large furniture
  • Moving truck with experienced movers
  • Moving equipment required
  • Less Travel time and fuel
  • Shrink wrap, coverings and special boxes
  • Packing assistance available
  • Professional movers
  • And any need you have for your local move

A local move is any move within 100 miles from the original to the final destination. Your cost depends on number of items, the amount of time it takes to load and unload the truck, and the driving time between locations. This means that unless you require our professional packing services, you should be ready for us to begin loading when we arrive.

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Our Reviews

Andy Feldman - Toronto

Thank you Shlomo and your team for making my move effortless. You were able to help me navigate USA Customs and get my household set up on time and budget in Rockville. In addition you were a great source of information on getting my household started in a new place.