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Moving overseas can be an exciting and yet unnerving time.  Having the opportunity to experience new cultures and learn new languages can completely change your life. However, packing and moving an entire life-time of household items can evaporate the excitement of even the most intrepid mover.  At Cross State movers, our goal is to ease the burden of expectations and fear of moving across an ocean or continents. 

Our trained, expert and professional movers have been certified by the American Movers and Storage Association.  They know packing and moving and will lend their expertise to your planning to make everything go smoothly for you and your family.

International Moving Truck with a container

By calling us now, at 1-866-920-2013, our professional movers can give you advance advice.  As a benefit to you, Cross State Movers will make notes about your inventory and detail any special requirements that you may have, such as any item that requires special handling. This information will help us to give you the best, most accurate and professional quote possible.

In an effort to ensure a safe move and to make sure that your valuables make the move damage-free, Cross State will look at all pre-packaged cartons and repack any cartons they feel may not make the trip.  Additionally, Cross State Movers uses an inventory tracking system. When we arrive at your home, the foreman will write an inventory of all your boxes. Each item will be tagged and numbered and you will be given a copy of this inventory to use at your destination to make sure all your items have arrived safely.

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Our Reviews

Brian Shwartz - Bethesda, MD

A friend of mine recommended Cross State for moving my Bethesda office to Florida. I had alot of office furniture and equipment and was very pleased with the price quoted to me. They even wrapped and packed everything, so I didn't even lift a finger. The stuff came to Florida right on-time and the movers worked overtime to set up my office as I wanted it. Would definately reccomend this company to any business.